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Let’s be friends! Like best friends! Let’s get an apartment together!


Super Professional


Wanna see what my lunch looked like?

past work

I used to work at these places!
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Z95-3 Vancouver

Morning Show Producer
Producing Mornings with Ruby & Cruise on Z95-3 Vancouver
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New Country 92-3

Music Director
I was in charge of the music department for both New Country 92-3 & Up 93.1 (Classic Hits)
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The New Hot 92-3

Morning Show Host/ Music Director
Hosted the Morning Hot Tub with Joe, Benny & Jay. Was also in charge of the music department.
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97.3 The Wave

Evening Show/ Imaging Producer
Did a live show from 6p-12p and produced all the imaging for the station. It was a blast!


They like me! They really, really like me!

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